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Most of us know exactly what we should  be doing to take care of ourselves. We should eat more vegetables. We should move more. We should get enough sleep, quit smoking, manage our stress and nurture our relationships. But somehow life gets in the way. A meeting runs late, traffic is terrible, and we come home tired and grouchy. So we order out instead of sautéing those vegetables sitting in the fridge, and we collapse on the couch instead of going out for a run or walk.

Making it past life’s roadblocks isn’t easy, but there are resources that can help – including free wellness resources through your health plan. If you’ve been thinking about joining a fitness center or weight loss program, check to see if your health plan offers a discount. The chance to save some money might nudge you into action. If you know you should make a change but you’re not sure where to start, take a health and well-being assessment. Your assessment will point out any areas of concern and suggest healthy changes to address them and resources that can help.

Online wellness programs offer support to help you meet your goals, and they fit into even the busiest schedule. For example, interactive tools can develop meal plans customized to your nutritional goals or exercise routines designed around your fitness level and interests. Some health plans will text or email you daily challenges, helping you integrate small healthy changes into your routine.

For one-on-one support, your health plan may offer telephonic coaching. If so, you’ll be connected to a personal coach for a series of consultations scheduled at your convenience. Together, you and your coach will develop an action plan, assess your progress toward your goals, and work on strategies to overcome roadblocks.

Each health plan offers its own array of wellness resources, with options that are flexible, comprehensive and available at no cost to you. You can find more information about your plan’s wellness offerings on the Wellness Resources page of UCnet. Register and log in to your plan’s wellness site to get started.

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