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Emergency contact stickers being updated on UCOP phones

Phone sticker insertYou may have noticed a new addition to your desktop phone this past week.

To ensure you have the most accurate information at your fingertips, the custodial crew added an emergency contact sticker to all desktop phones in the Franklin building. The stickers will be installed at 20th St., 1111 Broadway and the Kaiser building in the coming weeks. Along with a reminder to dial 9-911 to reach emergency services, they provide the security phone numbers for each building.

For Jabber softphones, an update is coming soon that adds a new tab with the emergency contact information.

If you are in the Franklin building and did not get an emergency contact sticker placed on your desk phone, please pick one up by stopping by the Work Management Center in Franklin 7206C or calling them at extension 7-0600.

In the unlikely event of a network disruption that prevented use of office phones, you can use your cell phone to call for emergency help, but be sure to dial Oakland’s cellular emergency number 777-3211. Dialing “911” on a cell phone usually connects you to a regional CHP dispatch center instead, which can delay emergency response time while your call is rerouted to local emergency dispatchers.

We strongly recommend pre-programming your cell phone with the Oakland emergency number, as well as the local seven-digit emergency number for the city you live in. A list of Bay Area “911 service” cellular numbers as well as other helpful information is posted on the UCOP Personal Emergency Preparedness webpage.

For information about dealing with emergency situations at all UCOP facilities, please visit the UCOP Emergency Procedures webpage.

Stay tuned for more information on the UCOP emergency response program to be published in Link during the coming weeks.

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