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Zoom is coming! New provider will replace ReadyTalk

Along with the rest of the university, UCOP is transitioning from ReadyTalk to Zoom for its audio and video conferencing services.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a web-based desktop conferencing service that has been selected by UC as the systemwide audio, video and web conferencing provider.

Zoom provides integrated audio, video and web conferencing capabilities with enhanced features such as content sharing with co-annotation, virtual breakout rooms, recording and other collaborative capabilities.

Why Zoom?

Zoom has a lot more functionality, is much easier to use and is significantly less expensive than ReadyTalk.

When will Zoom arrive?

Zoom will officially roll out in March 2017.

How will I learn how to use it?

In addition to the training materials already available through the Zoom Support Center, user training sessions will be offered at UCOP.

What’s happening to my ReadyTalk account?

Zoom is completely replacing ReadyTalk. UCOP employees who create or host audio, video, or web conferencing meetings will need to open a new Zoom account. You will not need to open a Zoom account if you only attend (rather than host) meetings.

In June, all ReadyTalk accounts will be canceled. Before that happens, all current ReadyTalk users will be contacted to remind them of the need to transition to Zoom.

What happens now?

Look for further communications, including Link articles, which will detail the Zoom training session dates and times and provide  instructions for how to sign up for Zoom.


If you have questions about this transition, please contact Randy Kemish at 7-6300.



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