Why UC is reverifying benefits eligibility

The university has a fiduciary responsibility to California taxpayers and plan participants to ensure the best possible management of its health care benefits. To responsibly manage UC resources, it is essential that health plan members enroll only those family members who are eligible for UC-sponsored health insurance — and de-enroll them if they lose eligibility. While all faculty and staff have verified these family members in the past, this reverification process is an opportunity for the university to ensure that information about enrolled family members is up to date.

What happens next

In early April, Secova will reach out to employees and retirees who have enrolled a spouse, domestic partner, grandchild or legal ward prior to Dec. 31, 2014 and who previously provided appropriate documentation to verify the family member’s eligibility. If you are included in the reverification process, you will receive a packet from Secova with information about eligibility and detailed instructions about what you need to do.

The reverification process will be much easier than the initial eligibility verification, since Secova only needs to verify that your family member is currently eligible. Secova will request only one document that shows the dependent is still eligible for health and welfare benefits. For example:

  • Spouses and domestic partners: You will need to provide a current document that confirms your marriage or partnership — for instance, a Federal Income Tax Return, mortgage statement or current credit card statement listing both the employee and the spouse or domestic partner.
  • Grandchildren and legal wards: You will need to provide a current document that confirms the grandchild or legal ward is still your tax dependent and that you provide at least 50 percent of his or her support — for instance, a Federal Income Tax Return showing the individual is listed as a dependent.

In early May, Secova will follow up with emails and phone calls, reminding those selected for reverification to send in documents and offering assistance with questions or concerns. An appeals process conducted from June 15 through July 15 by a review team at the UC Office of the President will ensure that no dependents are de-enrolled from benefits in error.

Questions about this process? Contact Shanda.Hunt@ucop.edu.