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UC to begin reverifying benefits eligibility of some family members in April

If you are enrolled in UC-sponsored health plans and you cover a spouse, domestic partner, grandchild or legal ward under your benefits, Secova, Inc., will contact you in early April as part of the Family Member Eligibility Recertification project.

Why UC is reverifying benefits eligibility

The university strives to balance the demands of escalating health care costs while maintaining high quality benefits for our members and their families. The Family Member Eligibility Recertification project is necessary to ensure that the university covers only those family members who continue to remain eligible for UC-sponsored health insurance.

UC is asking faculty, staff and retirees to verify current eligibility for the following family members enrolled in UC-sponsored coverage:

  • Spouses
  • Domestic partners
  • Grandchildren
  • Legal wards

Only these family members will be verified because eligibility can change over time due to divorce, separation or changes in tax status. Therefore, you will NOT have to provide documentation to verify any other family members at this time.

UC is partnering with Secova Inc., our current administrator of Family Member Eligibility Verifications, to assist us with this process. Secova has more than 24 years of experience administering family member eligibility verifications and is staffed with knowledgeable professionals who will offer you confidential support and resources throughout the recertification process.

What happens next

In early April, Secova will send verification packets with instructions on how to submit your documentation. If you are contacted by Secova, you must submit your completed and signed Verification Form and other required documentation to Secova by May 12, 2017.



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