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President’s Advisory Committee on the Status of Women seeking new members

PACSW members (from left) Brandi Schmitt, Susan Fogel and Sonia Scott at the opening of the “Remarkable Women of UC” photo exhibit.


If you’ve ever attended one of the Women We Admire talks or attended the recent brown bag on negotiating in the workplace, you know about the great work being done by the President’s Advisory Committee on the Status of Women (PACSW). They are also the creators of the “Remarkable Women of UC” exhibit currently on display in the Franklin lobby.

One of the largest and most active of UCOP’s staff groups, PACSW is seeking new members. Starting this month, they are inviting any career employee (who is not covered under a collective bargaining agreement) to self-nominate for one of the open spots on the committee.

The group’s purpose is to recommend and sponsor programs and other activities or policies that afford women equal opportunity, fair access, inclusion and advancement. Most UC locations have a similar group, and local groups have representatives on the Systemwide Advisory Committee on the Status of Women (SACSW). The deadline to apply is Friday, April 28, 2017.

A recent survey of its current members offered the following personal benefits:

  • “PACSW provides the opportunity to lead projects in a collaborative and supportive environment that leads to satisfaction in knowing that you have contributed to improving the status of women at OP. Those who actively engage in the activities get the most out of their membership.”
  • “Networking opportunities present a terrific opportunity to meet other UCOP professional women at all levels that you might not otherwise meet and who are also concerned about the advancement of women in the workplace.”

UCOP’s PACSW currently has nearly 40 members who meet monthly and accomplish their work through a number of subcommittees and project teams. The monthly meetings are on the fourth Tuesday of each month at noon. Terms are for two years, and most members donate from three to five hours monthly to PACSW activities.

Membership offers leadership opportunities on the group, project and subcommittee levels.

For more information on becoming a member, please visit their website Join PACSW or contact


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