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Zoom has launched!

What does the Zoom launch mean for you?

If you currently create or host ReadyTalk meetings, you will need to switch to a Zoom account prior to the ReadyTalk decommissioning on June 9, 2017. Switch to Zoom as soon as possible to give yourself ample time to become familiar with Zoom before the removal of ReadyTalk.

NOTE: You will not need a Zoom account to participate in someone’s Zoom meeting. You only need a Zoom account to create or host Zoom meetings of your own.

How to create your Zoom account

Creating your new Zoom account is easy! Just visit and click the Create account link. We recommend checking out the First Time Setup Guide or the Zoom Help Center to assist in getting started and to optimize your use of Zoom conferencing.

Zoom training and other resources

How to prepare for ReadyTalk decommission

No new ReadyTalk accounts are being issued. ReadyTalk will be decommissioned and no longer available for use at UCOP as of June 9, 2017. To prepare for this change:

  • Update any existing ReadyTalk meeting invitations and notices to reflect your Zoom meeting information instead. Update any signature lines or other references to ReadyTalk that you may have.
  • Download any meeting recordings you have stored on your ReadyTalk Conference Center webpage to your computer or SharePoint as soon as possible. (See instructions below.) Do not delay doing this! Depending on the number and size of your ReadyTalk recordings, it may take you several days to download them all. After June 9, 2017, these recordings will no longer be available.

How to download or delete a ReadyTalk recording

  • Go to and log in as the Chairperson.
  • Once logged in to your Conference Center, click on Manage Recordings on the left side of the screen and then click on the title of your recording to expand additional options.
  • Click on the Download link to view the different download formats:
    • The MP3 and WAV formats are audio-only formats.
    • The MP4 and Flash formats are visual and audio formats.
    • The MP4 and WAV formats are located under the Advanced Options section.
  • After downloading the recording, you can click on the Delete link to remove it from your account.


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