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D-TOKs: Delete, toss, keep stuff: Recycle your non-record materials during Earth Week

In observance of International Records Management and Information Month, we will once again have a non-records purge week recycling drive from April 24 to 28, with the goal of “D-TOKs-ing” UCOP of unnecessary non-record materials. Recycling bins will be onsite in all UCOP Oakland locations during this week.

Since we started having these non-records purges in 2014, employees have recycled 17,339 pounds of paper. That’s the equivalent of more than 64 four-drawer lateral filing cabinets!

To help you with any of your records questions, we are having several open forums:

Date: Monday, April 24
Time: 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Location: Franklin 7409

Date: Tuesday, April 25
Time: 9 to 10 a.m.
Location: Kaiser 1217

Date: Wednesday, April 26
Time: 3 to 4 p.m.
Location: Franklin 7409

“Non-records” are materials of immediate value only that are not maintained as administrative records. They include things like data entry sheets, rough drafts, multiple copies of publications, blank forms and all manner of things that are not subject to record retention guidelines.

Learn more about how to define a record or non-record by watching this recorded webinar.  Additional records management tools can be found at

CAUTION: Please purge only your own materials, not departmental materials or those belonging to your colleagues. Do not discard records that are the subject of a litigation hold or other records freeze or have been requested pursuant to the California Public Records Act, an investigation, an ongoing audit or other legal process.

If you have any questions about whether records are required to be preserved for legal reasons, please contact the Office of the General Counsel.

If you have questions about non-records purge week, contact Laurie Sletten. Email or call her at 510.987.9411 (before purge week) or 503.400.0461 (during purge week).

A look at UCOP’s Non-Records Purge Week results to date:


Benchmark Figures* April 2014 April 2015 April 2016 UCOP Totals 2014-16
Tons of Paper Recycled 1 1.61 4.06 3 8.67
Trees 17 27.37 69.05 50.97 147.38
Cubic Yards of Landfill 3.30 5.31 13.40 9.89 28.61
Gallons of Water 7,000 11,270 28,430.50 20,986 60,686.50
Gallons of Gasoline 165 265.65 670.15 494.67 1,430.47
Metric Tons of Greenhouse Gases 1 1.61 4.06 3 8.67
* Figures from EPA


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