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Get Zooming! Access to ReadyTalk ends on June 9

It’s time to get Zooming! Access to all UCOP ReadyTalk accounts ends on Friday, June 9, 2017.

Zoom is the new UC systemwide provider for audio, web and video conference meetings. If you need to host these types of meetings, you need to create a Zoom account. (No account is needed to join someone else’s Zoom meeting.)

Most UCOP staff has already opened Zoom accounts and thousands of meetings have already been held using it. If you haven’t yet made the switch, here’s a reminder of what you need to do by June 9. Avoid problems by not waiting until the last minute to switch to Zoom!

Get Zooming checklist

  • Create your Zoom Account at if you plan to host meetings.
  • Complete your Zoom account profile including personalization of your Zoom Personal Meeting ID (PMI) to match your UCOP phone number (recommended).
  • Review your Zoom account default meeting settings to be sure they reflect the options you wish to use, editing those you’d like to change.
  • Use your Personal Meeting ID (PMI) for all Zoom meetings you create unless you have a specific need to use different Meeting IDs for different meetings or you want use the alternative Personal Audio Conference (PAC) service.
  • Become familiar with Zoom. Explore the training and informational resources found at Read the Zoom Quick Start Guide and FAQ found at Conduct some trial meetings with your co-workers or with Zoom Meeting Test.
  • Update and resend any of your existing ReadyTalk meeting invitations in Outlook so that they give your new Zoom connection details rather than ReadyTalk information.
  • Review any ReadyTalk meeting recordings you have stored at your ReadyTalk Conference Center and either delete or download them. Depending on the size of the recordings downloads could take several hours so do not wait until the final days of ReadyTalk to do this! No recordings will be available after June 9, 2017.

Things to be aware of

Please be sure to:

  • Go to and create an official full-featured UCOP Zoom account. Don’t sign up on the main Zoom website for the free version.
  • Use your “always-there” Personal Meeting ID/Room for all your meetings and schedule them through your Outlook calendar/invites, just like you did with ReadyTalk. Don’t create/schedule multiple meetings directly in Zoom.
  • Avoid serious audio feedback problems when conducting a Zoom meeting by not using computer audio at the same time as dial-in phone audio. Feedback may also occur when two people within earshot of each other both connect their respective audio to a Zoom meeting.


Visit the UCOP Zoom Landing Page at or contact the IT Service Desk at or Service Hub or 510-987-0457 or contact Randy Kemish by emailing or calling 510-587-6300.



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