UC wants to know what you think about your university-sponsored behavioral health benefits.

A random sampling of people who used behavioral health benefits in 2016 through their UC-sponsored plan have been sent a paper survey in the mail. The survey should take about 15 minutes to complete. DSS Research, an independent research firm, is conducting the survey, and all responses are anonymous and confidential. Your answers will never be matched with your name.

This annual survey, first conducted last year, helps UC capture member experience in areas such as getting timely treatment, the quality of information from the insurance plan, treatment options and overall plan experience. UC uses the feedback to help with planning and shaping offerings for future years.

Because the survey covers experiences in 2016, participants will be asked about the care they received from Optum Behavioral Health as members of:

  • Blue Shield Health Savings Plan
  • UC Care
  • Health Net Blue & Gold
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Western Health Advantage

Due to a special agreement, Kaiser members who accessed behavioral health services from a Kaiser facility will receive the same questionnaire directly from Kaiser.