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Announcing changes to UCOP’s mobile device policy and practices

Effective Oct. 15, 2017, the UCOP policy and practices for university-issued mobile devices have changed. UCOP’s Telecommunications Services staff is working with each UCOP division to review all current mobile devices and plans to ensure they are in compliance with the new policy and practices.

Summary of changes

Key aspects of the revised policy/practices include:

Device and accessory offerings: Purchased mobile devices will be limited to select, low-cost, standard-issue models, with a standard issue accessory bundle. MiFi devices and tablets with data plans are discontinued, except in special circumstances approved through the exception process.

Device replacement criteria: Replacement of mobile devices will only be done at end of life, not end of contract term. Functioning devices will be redeployed in lieu of new purchases whenever possible.

Eligibility criteria: More stringent eligibility criteria for devices, global plans/calling and hotspot options will be based on well-defined and extensive business travel out of the local area, and/or vital communication needs related to the employee’s position. The latter would include the need to provide time-sensitive, expert and business-essential response or awareness in imperative circumstances; on a persistent basis; off-hours or when apart from office-based communications.

Rate plans: Standard rate plans are sufficient to cost effectively accommodate most prudent and essential business usage.

Transfer of liability: Transfer of devices, plans or phone numbers between employee and UC (in either direction) will be discontinued. Current staff who have transferred their personal phone numbers to a UCOP-owned mobile device are eligible to have it transferred back to a personal account upon request/separation.

Exceptions: All requests for exceptions to the mobile device policy or practices will be handled through a rigorous formal process.

Device management and auditing: UCOP’s Telecommunications Services will manage device inventory, configuration and plan utilization, and will ensure adherence to UCOP policy by performing ongoing auditing of eligibility and usage.

Full details of new policy and practices

Full details of the policy and practices governing mobile devices at UCOP may be found on the ITS Mobile Devices webpage.


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