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150 years in 90 seconds: Watch UC’s new anniversary video


How do you sum up 150 years of world-changing history in just 90 seconds?

Find out by watching the 150th anniversary video we launched last week. You may discover some fun facts about UC that you didn’t know.

As well as enjoying it yourself, feel free to use and share the video in presentations, outreach and social media posts. The video can be accessed as follows:

  • From the 150th anniversary digital timeline at Once that page has fully loaded on your screen, click “Watch the video.” You can also share the timeline link on social media along with the hashtag #UC150.
  • On UC’s YouTube page, you can watch the video or grab the code for embedding it on another web page (as we’ve done in this article).
  • For use at events/presentations, download the video file on this Dropbox site in three possible versions:
    • with introductory slide and no URL to timeline
    • with introductory slide and the URL for timeline
    • with no introductory slide and no URL to timeline (better for VLC player)

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