Following an extensive nomination process, the Retiree Health Benefits Working Group has been formed to explore options that will ensure the long-term financial viability of the retiree health benefits program and the quality of the benefits offered. The work pertains only to retiree health benefits; it does not affect UC Retirement Plan (UCRP) pension benefits.

After a kickoff meeting in January, the group of 16 faculty, current staff and retirees, who have been approved by President Napolitano, is scheduled to meet about every three weeks and present its analysis to UC leadership by June 2018. The results of the working group’s deliberations and/or any proposed changes to the retiree health benefits program will be shared with the UC community.

Key stakeholders, including both represented and non-represented employees, the Academic Senate, Council of UC Retiree Associations (CUCRA), Council of UC Emeriti Associations (CUCEA) and Council of UC Staff Assemblies (CUCSA), were invited to nominate interested and qualified individuals to represent them as part of the working group. In addition to preparing for and attending meetings, working group members will actively engage those they represent, share their constituents’ insights and feedback, and keep them apprised of the working group’s progress.

To keep the retiree health program viable, UC must evaluate options to ensure the program‘s long-term financial health and value to members.

Although retiree health benefits aren’t vested or guaranteed, UC has a longstanding commitment to providing high quality health care benefits for its faculty, staff and retirees. UC currently ranks in the top five among comparable universities for its contributions to retiree health care benefits.