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Retiree Health Benefits Working Group on track to deliver analysis by June 1, 2018

The 2019 Retiree Health Benefits Working Group, with representatives from key universitywide stakeholder groups, is making progress toward its charge — exploring potential strategies and developing options for UC leaders to consider to ensure the long-term financial viability of the retiree health benefits program. The group will evaluate the potential implications of available options to both UC and retirees, and present its analysis to UC leadership by June 1, 2018.

As part of their role, Working Group members will act as liaisons with local colleagues and various UC constituencies, keeping those they represent apprised of progress and sharing their constituents’ insights and feedback with the Working Group.

The Working Group members selected to represent stakeholder groups are listed below, with contact information. Members of the UC community are invited to share their feedback with their representative, so it can be taken into consideration during this process.

Any changes regarding UC’s retiree health benefits that may result from this effort will not take effect until Jan. 1, 2019, at the earliest. UC’s current funding policy on retiree health benefits remains in effect for the 2018 benefits year, and the university will continue to contribute at least 70 percent of the cost, in aggregate, of retiree health benefits in 2018.

2018 UC Retiree Health Benefits Working Group

Dwaine Duckett, Chief Human Resource Officer, Systemwide HR
Peggy Arrivas, Systemwide Controller, UCOP

Shane White, Academic Senate representative
Robert May, Academic Senate representative
Rick Kronick, campus faculty representative, UC San Diego
Bob Anderson, campus faculty representative, UC Berkeley
Andrew Bindman, campus faculty representative, UCSF

Lina Layiktez, CUCSA representative, UC Davis
Edward Abeyta, staff representative, UC San Diego
Jason Valdry, Staff Advisor to the Regents, UC Irvine

Represented UC Employees
Paul Brooks, union representative, UC Berkeley

John Meyer, CUCRA representative, UC Davis
Roger Anderson, CUCEA representative, UC Santa Cruz

Campus Leadership 
Teresa Costantinidis, Vice Chancellor/Chief Financial Officer, UCSF
Ramona Agrela, Chief Human Resources Executive, UC Irvine
Sarah Latham, Vice Chancellor, UC Santa Cruz

UC Health 
Tim Maurice, Chief Financial Officer, UC Davis Medical Center


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  1. Garen Corbett March 27, 2018 Reply

    While I applaud the altered course from being slipped into the Regent’s agenda last Summer, I am not sure this approach meets the necessary bar, either. Six months is not a long enough period to realistically meet the Committee’s charge, nor for stakeholders (i.e. thousands of effected faculty and staff) to engage with Committee members as recommendations are developed. This is a really important and technically complex subject that materially impacts thousands of people and has major fiscal implications for the University. The President has not given this Committee adequate time to fulfill its charge.

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