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Brown bags: Staff Engagement Survey results

The brown bags will include a discussion on the survey findings, current and upcoming projects and initiatives in response to both the 2015 and 2017 survey, and provide an opportunity to receive additional staff feedback through instant polling.

Women’s development program provides career support across UC

“This program has so much value – as women develop more confidence in their professional skills, they’re open to all of the possibilities for their careers at UC," said Larisa Kure, a 2017 graduate.

How California became a food and wine lover’s dream

If you’ve ever taken a drive through California’s picturesque vineyards and pastoral farms, you know it’s impossible to imagine the Golden State without them. But California wouldn’t have become a dream destination for foodies

Thursday: #AskYourLeadership with Nancy Pluzdrak

You can submit a question in advance for Executive Director of Local Human Resources Nancy Pluzdrak by emailing it to the OP Staff Assembly by the end of the day Tuesday, April 3.

Stigma-Free UC webinar: Mass Shootings, Firearms, and the Mental Health System

This is the third installment of the Stigma-Free UC series and will feature Amy Barnhorst, the vice chair for Community Psychiatry at UC Davis.

Annual medical plan satisfaction surveys launching April

The survey will be sent to randomly selected faculty, staff and retirees as well as their spouses or domestic partners.

Learn CPR and save lives

Every student will have hands-on skills practice with a mannequin and receive feedback from the instructor.

Tickets available for April 7 Warriors game on Fan Appreciation Night

Fans will receive a Warriors Fan Appreciation Night T-shirt. In addition, the first 40 ticket-holders can watch players warm up before the game.