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Thanks for supporting Franklin’s bid for LEED gold! Here’s how we did

UCOP staff responded to the LEED survey in big numbers this month, ensuring the Franklin building will be in good shape for a chance at recertifying LEED gold.

Franklin Building employees had a 73 percent response rate to the May 11 survey, while the response rate at the Kaiser, 20th Street and Broadway buildings was 57 percent.

The survey was a significant part of UCOP’s effort to renew the building’s gold certification under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) voluntary green building rating system. With the strong turnout and the large number of employees who take public transit, the building will earn 13 out of a possible 15 points toward the “alternative commuting transportation” portion of the LEED application.

“This was an effort that required everyone pitching in,” said Chief Building Engineer Matt Leet, who is spearheading the LEED certification renewal. “A big thank you to everyone who took the survey and set us on a strong path to keep our LEED gold status.”

The commuter survey is just one part of the LEED application, which also requires documenting low energy use, waste reduction, a green cleaning program, environmental purchasing strategies and other sustainable practices.

Survey results show that two-thirds of Franklin building staff do not drive alone to work, but instead carpool or take an alternative form of transportation. Here’s the complete breakdown for the Franklin building:

  • BART/train/bus: 43 percent
  • Drive alone: 32 percent
  • Carpool: 5 percent
  • Walk: 5 percent
  • Bicycle: 2 percent
  • Electric car: 2 percent
  • Other (telecommuting, day off, on sick leave, etc): 11 percent

Data for the other UCOP Oakland buildings was not immediately available.

Staff who took the survey were eligible for a random drawing for thank-you prizes. Congratulations to these recipients:

  • iPad mini: Michelle Vanier
  • $75 gift certificate to a local bike shop or $75 BART ticket: Karin Rice
  • $20 BART tickets: Marisa McAuliffe, Juanita Muniz-Torres, Gina Myers, Suresh Ramalingam and Rudell White

The project team plans to submit its LEED application next spring. The U.S. Green Building Council, which administers the LEED program, will announce results in late summer 2019.

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