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Tips to make your LinkedIn profile stand out and manage your professional brand

More than 75 percent of professionals first search online for information on a new colleague or a prospective hire, so having an up-to-date and engaging LinkedIn profile has become increasingly important.

OP Staff Assembly organized a workshop last Thursday, Aug. 16, in which LinkedIn Sales Development Manager Hector Preciado shared how to leverage LinkedIn to manage your professional brand.

Here are tips he shared to sharpen your LinkedIn profile:

  1. Add a photo. Profiles with photos get 21 times more views, and nine times more connection requests.
  2. In the space under your name, craft an attention-grabbing headline. Use the headline to explain what you do, convey your value proposition, and show your passion and values.
  3. Add your industry. More than 300,000 people search by industry on LinkedIn every week.
  4. Draft a compelling summary. Be concise; keep the summary between 40 to 300 words. Focus on your career accomplishments, aspirations, skills and strengths. You can also add media such as articles, videos, reports and presentations.
  5. Detail your work experience. Whether it’s in paragraphs or bullets, be succinct.
  6. Add skills and earn endorsements from your network. You should add at least five skills, which can be a combination of soft skills and technical skills.

This was the first event the Staff Assembly held as part of OPSA Career, a series of monthly events and presentations intended to deliver important career development strategies to OP staff as they manage their careers. Stay tuned for more OPSA Career events!

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