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New Box classes plus tips for success

Usage continues to rise for Box, a convenient online file system that lets you collaborate with colleagues while protecting your important documents behind a secure firewall. Here are the latest updates!  

New! In-person Box training

Maximize your Box usage by taking classes with subject matter experts! Register at the UC Learning Center. Just log in and search for Box. Zoom classes will be announced later this year.

Upcoming classes: March 12, 2019 and April 3, 2019.  Classes will be held from 12-1 p.m. in training room 7107.

Coming soon: Box Drive

Box Drive replaces Box Sync and gives you the ability to access your Box content using Windows Explorer or Mac Finder on your local desktop or laptop.  Box Sync was limited to synchronizing selected files and folders from Box, but Box Drive gives you seamless access to your Box data.  You also have the ability to mark files and folders for offline usage so that you can access your Box content without an internet connection.

Box Drive has been successfully rolled out to the IT TDS department and a second pilot will be conducted prior to the rollout.  Expect a rollout to UCOP later this year.  IT will be sending additional communication about this project that will include details about what you should expect and how to use Box Drive.

Quick tips for a better Box experience

1. Transfer Box files before employees leave UCOP

An employee’s Box account is deleted 45 days after their separation, including content shared with other team members. Employees should transfer all Box content to their manager or other users in the department before separating from UCOP. Access to the files after separation requires the approval of the director of HR.

2. Understand collaboration roles and permissions

There are six collaborator roles for all Box files:

  1. Co-Owner – The broadest permissions: Has the same permissions as the original owner, with the exception that a co-owner cannot change an owner’s permissions.
  2. Editor – Has the same privileges as a co-owner, except an editor may not change the folder’s settings or restrict invitations.
  3. Viewer Uploader – May view/preview, download/upload and send view-only links.
  4. Viewer – May view/preview and send view-only links. (May not edit files.)
  5. Previewer – May preview files only. (May not edit files.)
  6. Uploader – May view and upload files and create subfolders. (May add files, but may not change existing files.)

View a detailed overview of all Box permissions.

 3. For easy access, set favorites

For quick and easy access to the files or folders you use most, designate them as Favorites. Favorite items are displayed in the left sidebar and on the full Favorites page. To add a Favorite, click the “…” button to the right of File/Folder and select “Add to Favorites.”

Once an item is a Favorite you can find it under the Favorites tab on sidebar.

Select the folder or file to get instant access. To remove a Favorite, select the X next to the file name.

4. Get notifications about file updates

By default, you will only receive an email notification if your collaborators comment on or delete content you own; however, you can opt to get email notifications whenever collaborators take action on your files — such as downloads, uploads, and previews — of items you own and items you’ve joined. (Please note that these settings only apply to collaborators’ actions, not your own.)

To establish update notifications for all box files:

  1. Log in to your Box account.
  2. In the Profile tab on the top right of blue header, select Account Settings
  3. Select the Sharing tab
  4. Scroll down to Email Notifications and select the options you want to enable

Remember to save your changes.

You can also update default email notification settings for specific folders. To do so, mouse over the desired folder, select the “…” button and select Settings. From that page, locate Email and Notifications to make adjustments.

Quick reminders

The Box User Guide in the Getting Started folder contains easy-to-use directions in case you need a quick reference. Take advantage of Box University for other useful tips and training courses. And, as always, please contact the UCOP Service Desk at for any questions about Box.

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