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Be on the lookout for IT news and alerts

UCOP IT has just released a new webpage – IT news and alerts. This helpful resource is a landing page for all emergency alerts and critical system news. It’s the best place to look when you’re experiencing a delay and wonder whether IT services may be impacted or unavailable.

An extra bonus: These alerts will also be automatically broadcasted on OP staff computers as popup URLs on Internet Explorer and Safari when email is unavailable.

The types of issues that will be communicated include:

  • Email outages
  • Zoom outages or delays
  • Listserv disruptions
  • Jabber difficulties

“Currently, any email outage is communicated to staff when calling into the IT Service Desk,” explains Desktop Engineer Daryl Yamamoto. “The problem is that there’s a limit to how many incoming calls can be received at any given time. During a major outage, many callers end up on hold or dropping off the line after a few minutes.”

The new alert system will reduce phone calls and allow employees to quickly and easily review IT outages.

Questions? Please contact the IT Service Desk at (510) 987-0457 or


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