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Potato chip survey: The results are in!

This Thursday, March 14, is National Potato Chip day, and we’re celebrating by learning which salty and delicious snacks are our colleagues’ favorites.

Our first-ever potato chip survey was one of our most popular polls to date. Perhaps that’s no surprise since nearly 70 percent of you report enjoying potato chips at least once a month — and more than 5 percent of you treat yourselves every day! Here are some additional key takeaways.

The race was fierce for top potato chip brand. With 29.6 percent of the vote, Kettle brand eked ahead of American favorite Lays by a mere 1 percent. At 8.2 percent, third place was a three-way tie between Pringles, Ruffles and “other” — with Maui Style as the most popular write-in.

You’re an egalitarian bunch when it comes to ridges. While 28.6 of you love ridges on your chips and a mere 6.1 percent hate them, more than 65 percent say you’re equally happy with and without.

A whopping 51 percent of you prefer kettle-style chips. Classic came in second at 40 percent, leaving baked (6.1 percent) and other styles (such as thick-cut) in the dust!

Many of you love potato chips just as they are. That’s right: The most popular flavor profile was plain — good old potatoes and salt — at 27.8 percent. In second place with 20.6 percent of the vote were sweet and salty flavors, such as barbecue or honey Dijon. Third place went to the spice lovers — jalapeno, ghost pepper, wasabi and other mouth-burning flavors received 13.4 percent of the vote.

There were mind-bending write-in flavors. Roast chicken-flavored potato chips — what? Also, we’d love to get our hands on some habanero mango chips if someone can comment who makes them. We empathize deeply with the commenter who effused, “Love them all! Cannot choose one!”

You’re honest about your feelings. Our guilty pleasure question prompted you to reflect upon whether you’ve ever eaten an entire (non-snack size) bag of potato chips by yourself in one sitting. A robust 47 percent of you have, and only 14 percent feel silly copping to it.

Thanks to everyone who participated — and happy National Potato Chip Day to all!

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  1. Sapna Thottathil March 12, 2019 Reply

    Kudos to the authors of this survey and write-up. What fun and thanks for the smile.

    • Michelle Simone March 15, 2019 Reply

      We’re happy that you enjoyed it, Sapna! Thanks for reading Link.

  2. Shelly March 12, 2019 Reply
    • Michelle Simone March 15, 2019 Reply

      Amazing – thank you!

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