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UCOPups, part two

Thanks again to all our colleagues who shared photos of their dogs for National Puppy Day. There were so many submissions that we needed a second slideshow to share them all!

Without further ado, here are the remaining pups of UCOP.

Buffy, a Berkeley Shelter rescue, is a demon ratter and loves to lick feet - human, not dog! (Rebecca Landes, Institutional Research & Academic Planning)Bug the Pug's tail is curly when he's awake and straight when he's asleep. (Jackie DiOrio, Lead Records Analyst)Charlie and George can often be heard conversing in their secret language, presumably about critical geopolitics. (Vasundhara Choudhary, Legal Support Specialist)Clint loves the sun and taking naps. He is also quite the raw veggie lover. (Brad Niess, Director, Business Resource Center)Croí's name is the Irish word for heart. (Margaret Wu, Depuy General Counsel, Litigation & Capital Strategies)Princess Daisy is 1 year old. (Susan Witt, Post Award Team Lead)Dunkin loves taking car rides. (Alison Schnabel, Records & Fulfillment Supervisor)Fast Eddie (pun intended), a one-eyed Basset Hound, will be 13 in May! (Claire Holmes, Sr. Vice President, External Relations & Communications)Frankie enjoys running as fast as he can, and will be sure to give you a kiss when he meets you. (Leila Legarda, Project Manager, UCPath Center)Jack, who lives in Denver, is a mutt with lots of pit bull. (Laura Levy, Operations Coordinator for the Innovative Learning Technology Group)Jadzia has been pictured in the Huffington Post and the East Bay Express. (Jeane Kim, Sr Legal Operations Analyst)Jake wakes his owner up by thumping his front paw on the mattress until she responds. (Lia Scott, Associate Director, e-Procurement Technology)Kasia loves to swim, but dock diving is her favorite. (Alison Schnabel, UCPath Records and Fulfillment Supervisor)Kevin loves Christmas time. Whenever the tree is set up, he loves to sleep under the tree or sit and watch the lights. (Brad Niess, Director, Business Resource Center)Kita and Sky love wrestling and chasing each other, then napping together when they're done. (Marta Tilley Belanger, Project Policy Analyst II)Kobe is almost 3 months old. (Susan Witt, Post Award Team Lead)Latika, a rescue, is named for a character in the film Lucas and Spencer were rescued from Oakland Animal Services. They love to play tug-o-war together. (Judy OHmott, Fulfillment Operations Supervisor, RASC)Lucy is 11, and — as proven in this July 4 photo — a thief. (Laura Levy, Operations Coordinator, Innovative Learning Technology Group)Maggie Many-toys loves to carry around all of her toys at once. (Dani Mack, IT Business Systems Analyst, UCPath Center)Parker has a Pretty Pretty Princess loves having her hair cut and colored. (Holly Rodriguez, HR Compensation Programs and Strategy)Sarge loves to play catch with his soccer ball. (Dani Mack, IT Business System Analyst, UCPath Center)Playing in the yard is Rayne's favorite thing to do. (Melissa Warlick, Business System Analyst)Abbey Road Pansino loves long walks and watching Snoopy. (Dede Pansino, Sr. Project Manager)Ivy is the sweetest fur-baby. (Jumana Kahil, WFA Assistant, UCPath Center)


If you missed last week’s pups, you can view them here! Thanks to everyone who participated.

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