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New video from ANR: Urban agriculture

Urban agriculture is popping up all over California — from schools and churches to community gardens, backyard farms, rooftop gardens and more. In a recent video, UC Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR), shares the origins of urban agriculture and its many implementations today.

Much of today’s urban agriculture movement works to address “urban food deserts” — communities where a lack of economic investment makes it difficult for residents to easily access full-service grocery stores. As a result, families in these areas may not be able to easily buy the ingredients needed to build nutritious meals, such as whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables. They then become more vulnerable to diet-related health conditions, such as obesity and diabetes.

An example of urban agriculture trying to address this problem can be found locally at City Slicker Farms in West Oakland, which has operated since 2001. Its mission is to help low-income residents gain access to healthy, organic food.

Executive Director Rodney Spencer is particularly passionate about the farm’s focus on teaching young people how to plant, harvest and grow their own food. He believes it is particularly important for them to gain a deep understanding of the connections between health, nutrition and science. “It is one of the most important keys,” he says, “to reshape education and to make sure that kids have adequate nutrition when they come to school.”

Learn more: Watch the ANR video now.

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