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Meet Local HR: Here for all UCOP employees

Written by Nancy Pluzdrak, executive director, UCOP Human Resources

Reintroducing UCOP HR

Also known as “local HR,” UCOP Human Resources supports all employees. Over the past two years, we have reorganized and rebuilt our team to focus on our main goal: Ensuring that UCOP provides a fair and equitable work environment where all employees have an opportunity to be successful.

This is the first in a series of articles that will reintroduce our departments, roles and who to call if you need help. We’ll begin with a high-level overview of our priorities and initiatives. Over the next five weeks, you’ll learn more about the HR teams that are involved in this work and how we can support you. We look forward to hearing from you!

One goal: five areas of focus

To meet our overarching goal, we have defined five areas of focus through which to measure progress:

  1. Build and maintain standard and consistent procedures

Many processes need back-end work to make sure they’re implemented fairly across the board. For example, since introducing performance-based raises, we’ve helped managers understand why equitable performance standards and ratings distributions are essential, and how to ensure their reviews are compliant.

  1. Manage and reduce organizational risk; promote fairness and equity

Fairness and equity are always top of mind: We’ve adopted new strategies to ensure consistent salary actions — offers, promotions and equity requests. We’re proactively addressing potential risks; for example, our improved leave management program corrects process gaps.

  1. Implement process improvements

We’re improved processes throughout UCOP — from rethinking roles on our team to fast-tracking job postings, streamlining recruitment and implementing Service Now for STAR Awards.

  1. Build the caliber of the HR team

Now nearly fully staffed, our team is poised for success. Our new structure empowers experienced members to focus on their areas of expertise while pursuing continued growth. New members will complement and strengthen our existing skillsets.

  1. Support employee engagement

We’re committed to ensuring that UCOP is a great place to work through projects like:

  • UCOP Mentorship Program: We’re creating opportunities for junior and senior-level staff to form meaningful connections in their career journeys.
  • Change Management Community: We’re leading change management for high-impact projects at UCOP and working to bring change management training to all employees.
  • Buddy Program: We’re supporting a pilot program conducted by the Employee Engagement and Diversity Group to help orient new employees.

Save the date: Lunch and learn on July 17

Please mark your calendar and join me for a lunch and learn with UCOP HR on Wednesday, July 17, from 12-1 p.m. in Lobby 1. At this event, you can meet members of the local HR team and learn more about how we can support you.

Questions? Contact Nancy Pluzdrak.

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