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What’s new for 2019-2020 performance appraisals

Performance appraisals have officially started. Get an overview of the process and what to expect.

10-Second Bio: Ian Larue, seventh-generation Oaklander

Meet Compensation Analyst Ian Larue, aspiring voice actor and great-great-great-great-grandson of Oakland’s first general store proprietors. He’s also a second-generation UC employee.

UCPath Staff

Meet Local HR: UCPath Center

The HR representatives based at the UCPath Center provide a suite of relevant, essential and supportive resources to serve local managers and employees, as well as UC locations systemwide.

Meet Local HR: Compensation and Payroll

The HR representatives who lead compensation and payroll help ensure that all employees and managers are paid fairly and on time, as well as providing crucial business insight to UCOP leadership.

Meet local HR: Talent acquisition, recognition and growth

The HR representatives who lead talent acquisition, recognition and growth play a crucial role in UCOP’s investment in its employees — from finding qualified, passionate staff to fill open roles to developing existing staff and supporting employees in reaching their highest career aspirations.

Meet HR: Client partnerships – supporting employees and managers

The HR representatives who lead client partnerships help employees and managers with a variety of one-time, annual and situational concerns, from disability accommodations to performance management, onboarding, employee relations and assignments.

OPSA Steering Committee

Local HR is here for UCOP employees

Nancy Pluzdrak, executive director of UCOP Human Resources, provides a helpful overview of HR’s current structure, priorities and initiatives.