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Meet local HR: Talent acquisition, recognition and growth

The HR representatives who lead talent acquisition, recognition and growth play a crucial role in UCOP’s investment in its employees — from finding qualified, passionate staff to fill open roles to developing existing staff and supporting employees in reaching their highest career aspirations.

Team Name: Talent Acquisition

Team members:

  • Kelly Howard, Manager, Talent Management
  • Arlene Asuncion, Senior Recruiter
  • Sally Gelini, Lead Senior Recruiter
  • Kimberly Joseph, Recruiter
  • Marjo Keller, Recruitment Coordinator
  • Jeff Korec, Senior Recruiter
  • Warren Manuntag, TOP Recruiter
  • Anna Montenegro, Senior Recruiter
  • Connie Tremblay, Senior Recruiter

In about 30 words, what does your team do? We are valued in-house talent advisors who attract and recruit top talent — within OP and externally — to ensure we have people with the right skills in the right jobs to effectively meet our business needs and support the UCOP mission.

What services does your team provide?

We attract talent for temporary and career positions and assist hiring managers with:

  • Recruitment support: Developing marketing plans; assisting with outreach and advertising; sourcing, screening and interviewing candidates; providing reference and background checks.
  • Training: Hiring management recruitment training and training around diversity/implicit bias.
  • Networking: Attending Bay Area networking events to promote UCOP jobs to local talent.

What’s one thing you’d like your colleagues at UCOP to know about your team?

Team Talent is made up of singers, dancer, runners, cooks and talent seekers. Collectively, our team has over 5,000 LinkedIn connections!

What’s the easiest way for employees to contact your team if they have questions about your services?

Team Name: Organizational Design & Development (OD)

Merideth Wakeman, Project Manager

Team members:

  • Merideth Wakeman, Project Manager

In about 30 words, what do you do? I am primarily focused on projects that have broader impact across UCOP, like the implementation of ServiceNow with STAR awards and other HR processes, the redesign of the performance appraisal process, and working with the Change Management Community of Practice.  This work helps drive the successful implementation of these and other new programs and processes to create effective and meaningful change across UCOP.

What projects are you working on?

  • Leading the Change Management Community of Practice, a group of individuals from across the organization who provide education, communication and support for change initiatives as they arise.
  • Implementing workforce planning — creating a three-year plan to create a consistent working experience throughout an employee’s lifecycle at UCOP.
  • Working with a cross-functional team to design and implement a new process for performance appraisal as we transition to the new ePerformance platform.
  • Systemwide competency modeling — working with a systemwide group of experts to define the basic skills and abilities of a UC employee.
  • Transitioning some HR processes to Service Now platform

What’s one thing you’d like your colleagues at UCOP to know about you?

Most people don’t really understand what an OD practitioner does. I often work hand-in-hand with Learning & Development (L&D). While L&D works towards individual development, OD takes a broader, systems approach that impacts larger components of the organization, such as teams or a particular demographic group.

What’s the easiest way for employees to contact you if they have questions about your work? You can reach me at or (510) 587-6050.

Team Name: Learning and Development (L&D)

(Left to right) Gary Cheng, Annie Prozan, Bill Davis, Alfred Garrett (Not pictured: Miranda Josafat)

Team members:

  • Annie Prozan, Talent and Organizational Development Manager
  • Gary Cheng, Senior Trainer and Content Developer
  • Bill Davis, Organizational Development and Training Specialist
  • Miranda Josafat, Policy Analyst
  • Alfred Garrett, Policy Analyst (Temporary)

In about 30 words, what does your team do?

The L&D team provides a variety of learning opportunities for UCOP employees in all roles. We partner and consult with stakeholders to support organizational growth through team and individual professional development.

What services does your team provide?

  • Professional learning opportunities to all UCOP locations — Oakland, the UC Path Center, UCDC and Sacramento
  • Coordination of systemwide and UCOP learning cohorts
  • Maintenance, training resources and upkeep of the UC Learning Center and Halogen
  • Consultation services for departments to accelerate performance

What’s one thing you’d like your colleagues at UCOP to know about your team?

Our learning opportunities are posted in Link on the Classes and Workshops tab, on the Link calendar and on the Learning and Development webpage. Employees can also request classes they are interested in by using this class request form.

What’s the easiest way for employees to contact your team if they have questions about your services?

Join us: Lunch and learn on July 25

Please mark your calendar and join me for a lunch and learn with UCOP HR on Thursday, July 25, from 12-1 p.m. in Lobby 1. At this event, you can meet members of the local HR team and learn more about how we can support you.



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