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Reminder: 10-digit dialing is now in effect

Attention Oakland employees and East Bay residents: We’re now required to dial 1 plus 510 whenever we make local calls — even if we’re calling from one 510 number to another. This change is the result of a new area code (341), which is being introduced to serve the same East Bay region as 510.

Please remember to:

  • Begin dialing all local calls with the number 1 plus the area code now to build the habit.
  • Reprogram any equipment that currently uses 7-digit dialing to include the full number — automatic dialers, life safety systems, medical monitoring devices, speed-dialing, call forwarding, voicemail, alarm and security systems, etc.
  • Update print materials that don’t currently include an area code — stationery, checks, business cards, advertisements and promotional materials, websites, personal and pet ID tags, etc.
  • Test telephone equipment, like fax machines, to ensure it supports longer numbers. If changes are needed, contact your vendor.
  • Let your friends and family members know about the change.

Read FAQs about the change.

Questions? Please contact Telecommunications Manager Randy Kemish.

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