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2019 Annual UCOP Fire Safety and Security Report

Each year, Executive Vice President Rachael Nava issues a safety and security report — which details the many safety and security services and resources available to UCOP staff.

Weekend garage closure in Oakland

Due to ongoing construction around the Oakland office, the Douglas and UCOP garages will be inaccessible on July 27 and 28.

Two guys at computer

Box Drive: UCOP’s new storage solution

Later this month, UCOP will be moving to Box Drive — a new cloud-based file storage system that replaces Box Sync. Look forward to easy access to files, right from your desktop.

Franklin building safety alert

Protect your belongings, arrange for an escort if you need one and look out for upcoming security trainings.

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Box Drive is coming to UCOP this July

Be on the lookout next month for information about Box Drive — a new cloud-based file storage system that will replace Box Sync. This new platform provides easy access to files, right from your desktop.

UCPath: We’d like to ask you a few questions

Beginning July 8, 2019, employees logging in to UCPath online may be asked to update personal data.

October Global Entry event canceled

Unfortunately, the Global Entry Mobile Enrollment event that was scheduled for October in Oakland has been canceled. But, you can still get Global Entry status by following these steps.

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Reminder: 10-digit dialing is now in effect

Calling from the East Bay to another East Bay number? Remember to include the area code 510. As of June 22, it’s a requirement.

New Oakland furniture on display beginning June 13

The new Oakland building is coming along quickly, and one of BASC’s many important steps is selecting the new furniture vendor. Check out sample workplaces from the vendors UCOP is choosing between.