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Important notice: Bay Area power outages

The following notice was sent by Steve Murray, director, Building and Administrative Service Center, on Tuesday, Oct. 8:

Dear UCOP colleagues,

As has been reported by local news, Pacific Gas & Electric has announced potential power shutdowns in numerous Bay Area counties due to extreme weather conditions. Shutdowns could begin early Wednesday morning and last through Thursday.

PG&E has created a website that includes a map of the potentially impacted areas, and a way for you to look up your specific street address to see if there’s a possibility your service address/neighborhood will be impacted. You can also use the website to sign up for alerts and get helpful information about how to prepare for a potential power shutoff, including suggested emergency supplies and what to do if you depend on electricity for medical needs.

At present, UCOP locations in downtown Oakland, Sacramento and other Bay Area locations are not expected to be impacted, so employees are expected to come to work as scheduled. However, all Bay Area UCOP employees should monitor the PG&E website and local news for updates.

Although UCOP locations are currently not expected to be impacted, many OP staff live in areas that are expected to be or may become affected, and you or your colleagues may need some assistance in dealing with school closures, caring for vulnerable family members and impacts of a power outage. UCOP has policies in place that allow for adjusting work schedules, telecommuting and other temporary accommodations during these kinds of circumstances, and UCOP Human Resources is available to assist departments and/or individual employees as needed.

If your neighborhood is projected to be impacted and you feel the need to plan for alternative work arrangements, please speak with your manager and develop a plan to communicate over the course of the week. Please also be sure to consult PG&E’s information about how to prepare for a potential power shutoff.

Lastly, these circumstances are a good reminder to be sure you are enrolled in the UCOPAlert emergency message system — UCOP’s emergency notification system that allows employees to receive informational alerts on their personal phones or by personal email outside normal business hours about emergencies or other critical situations that affect the UCOP work environment. Please take a moment to be sure you are enrolled, and that UCOP has your current personal contact information.

Please stay tuned to local news and the PG&E websites for updates, and we will also provide additional information as circumstances warrant.

Please contact Steve Murray with any questions.

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