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New year, new UCOP: Your resolutions, or lack thereof

The new year is here! Link asked you to share your thoughts on New Year’s resolutions, as well as your goals for 2020. Here’s what you said.

The majority of you make New Year’s resolutions! However, only 23% of you use them as a blueprint for the year.

“Before my birthday in November, I start thinking about what I want to be doing in my personal year ahead,” says BRC Analyst Blaze Farrar. “By the time January 1 rolls around, I’ve already begun my work on any personal changes that I’ve identified.”

A whopping 76.9% of you hope to eat more healthfully in 2020. The most next most popular things you’d like to accomplish this year are exercising more (69.2%), saving money (53.8%) and learning new professional skills (46.2%). For those of you in the last category, we recommend taking advantage of UCOP’s free LinkedIn Learning access! Write-in goals included bolstering a writing practice, buying a home, dating, and advancing a competitive athletic career.

“I find the best resolutions are ones that add something healthy — and pleasurable — rather than restricting or denying myself,” says Managing Counsel Maria Shanle. “I’m much more likely to ‘eat more vegetables made in delicious ways’ than to adopt harsh dietary restrictions; or to ‘read a book a week that you will enjoy,’ as opposed to adopting strict screen-time limitations.”

Eating junk food is a habit that 53.8% of you are trying to break. You’d also like to spend less money (38.5%) and less time overanalyzing life (30.8%). One of you is really hoping to spend less time raking leaves this year. To that reader, we say: Remember to count it as exercise!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our poll. Is there something you’d like to know about your coworkers? Email our editorial team at and your question could be featured in an upcoming issue.

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