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Paycheck reminders for the new year

Here are a few changes to look out for on your first paycheck of the new year.

Five questions to guide your 2021 New Year’s resolutions

As we prepare to wrap up an unprecedented year, planning for our next one is more important than ever.

Person journaling

Share your New Year’s resolutions with your colleagues

What do you have planned for 2021? Share your vision with your colleagues!

Celebrate Vietnamese New Year on Wednesday, Jan. 22

The Asian-Pacific Islander Staff Association has a fun-filled celebration planned for the Tet New Year! All staff are invited to participate.

New year, new UCOP: Your resolutions, or lack thereof

The new year is here! Link asked you to share your thoughts on New Year’s resolutions, as well as your goals for 2020. From spending less time overanalyzing life and being a perfectionist to spending more quality time with family and friends, here’s what you said.

Love or loathe New Year’s resolutions? Link wants to know!

Are you a New Year’s resolution enthusiast or a total skeptic? Share your thoughts and feelings with your colleagues.