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Performance appraisals: Self-evaluations are due Monday, March 30

Annual performance appraisals provide an opportunity for you to reflect on your accomplishments over the past year, receive feedback, define areas of improvement and set goals for the coming year. This process is an essential part of the work experience and gives all of us a role in managing our job satisfaction and career development. The ultimate goal of performance appraisals is that at the end of the process, you will know where you stand and will receive guidance toward future success.

UCOP annual performance appraisals — covering April 1, 2019, to March 31, 2020 — are now in progress. Self-evaluations must be entered into Halogen by Monday, March 30.

Resources to help

What to expect this year

To improve this annual process, the UCOP Performance Appraisal Redesign Workgroup collected feedback from UCOP staff through surveys and in-person sessions. Some of this input has already been implemented. This year’s forms have been simplified, with fewer redundancies. The optional multi-rater form has been scaled from five to three questions, making it easier to provide employee feedback.

This will be the last performance appraisal that we’ll complete in Halogen. In June, once the year-end process is complete, Human Resources will provide training on the new ePerformance system, which will be integrated with UCPath. More information is coming soon.

Timeline for 2019-20 UCOP annual performance appraisals

  • March 9 – 30: Employees complete self-evaluations in Halogen. For departments using multi-rater feedback, the feedback forms can be launched as soon as the employee self-appraisal is completed.
  • By May 1: Managers write employee performance reviews in Halogen.
  • May 1 – 8: First-level review. Managers review individual/team ratings with next-level manager(s).
  • May 11 – 22: Second-level review. Division leaders review division-wide ratings; UCOP HR and Operations review division ratings.
  • May 25 – 29: Third-level review. Chief Operating Officer and President’s Office reviews division ratings and UCOP distribution.
  • June 1 – 2: Halogen closes for merit process data collection.
  • June 3 – 28: Halogen reopens. Managers deliver evaluations to employees. Managers and employees sign off on performance appraisals; all ratings complete in Halogen.
  • June 30: All final sign-offs by Employees and Managers completed – Halogen closes to complete the FY18/19 Performance Evaluation Process.

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