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An update on ergonomic equipment during telecommute status

Staff wellness remains a top priority as the shelter-in-place orders continue and most UCOP staff are working from home. Some staff have requested approval to bring additional ergonomic equipment home, including office chairs. We appreciate your patience while we worked through the logistics.

To help support healthy work-from-home practices, existing office chairs and small, free-standing ergonomic equipment may temporarily be used at home, by request only, for all UCOP locations. To submit a request, send an email to with your building location (e.g. Franklin Building, Kaiser building, etc.) for detailed instructions and a liability release form. No equipment will be released without the submission of a signed liability release form.

Once your pick up is scheduled, items will be collected from your workspace by facilities staff and brought to your building’s designated pick-up location. You will be responsible for safely loading and transporting your equipment. In order to pick up your equipment, you must follow social-distancing protocols and face-covering requirements. Pick-ups will begin this week and must be scheduled in advance.

For questions, please contact

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