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Shout-Out for Amy Vrizuela

The BRC CAAP team (from left to right, top to bottom): Blaze Farrar, Amy Vrizuela, Gemma Rieser, Jan Kehoe, Margarita Parkin and Lizzy Ellis

“We’d like to give a Shout-Out to our team lead, Amy Vrizuela,” writes Analyst Blaze A. Farrar, a member of the Business Resource Center (BRC) Compliance, Accounting, Audit and Policy (CAAP) team.

“We are inspired by Amy’s leadership, which is especially evident in testing and training on the Oracle system. Her indefatigable can-do attitude, problem-solving skills, and ability to keep us focused on the important things, even as she runs in a multitude of directions, are amazing. Her seemingly endless encouragement and accessibility despite the rigors of her schedule keep our team humming along.

Most importantly, our client departments will benefit from Amy’s commitment to planning how we can best serve them in managing the transitions ahead.”

— The BRC CAAP team: Blaze Farrar, Gemma Rieser, Jan Kehoe, Lizzy Ellis and Margarita Parkin

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  1. Amy Vrizuela May 5, 2020 Reply

    All of this is only possible because of the amazing BRC CAAP team members! Thank you to each and every one of you for all of your guidance, support, feedback and tenacity. Together we make an amazing team!

    • Han Mi Yoon-Wu May 5, 2020 Reply

      Nice and well-deserved recognition.

    • Annie Prozan May 7, 2020 Reply

      You are AWESOME Amy! So great to see you recognized.

  2. Kathleen May 5, 2020 Reply

    Congrats, Amy, on this recognition from your team — so well-deserved!

  3. Lena Zentall May 5, 2020 Reply

    Go Amy! It’s so wonderful to see your team recognize you!! And what a great team!

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