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Do you know where your files are?

You know to not click on weird links. But do you know where to store your documents? It’s an important cybersecurity question.

If your files contain sensitive data — like Social Security numbers, legal or financial data, or personal information — you need secure storage!

Where should you put sensitive files?

  • Use Box, which is protected through multifactor authentication. If your files are stored somewhere else — like your hard drive — move them to Box. You can read up on additional tips for securing files in Box or sign up for a Box Fundamentals course.
  • If your files are on SharePoint already, you do not have to move them to Box. But you MUST immediately contact to request additional security for your SharePoint site.

Three easy steps for secure storage

You can keep UC data safe. Here’s how:

  1. Know what you’ve got: Determine whether you have sensitive information and whether your manager agrees you need it.
  2. Know how long to keep it: Follow the UC Records Retention Schedule.
  3. Store it securely: Use Box or a secured SharePoint site.

Stay safe and cyber-secure! For more information, review the sensitive file storage guide for UCOP.

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