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My new (ab)normal: Melissa Warlick, photographer and birder

Business Systems Analyst 3 Melissa Warlick in action with her new camera

Meet Business Systems Analyst 3 Melissa Warlick. A long-aspiring photographer, Melissa has used her time quarantining at home to hone her photography skills and provide a refuge for local wildlife.

Melissa’s new (ab)normal

Name: Melissa Warlick

Title: Business Systems Analyst 3

Department/Unit: Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO)

Workplace location: Oakland

When you started working at UCOP: February 2019

Something new you’ve learned or started during the quarantine: My girlfriend and I have both been working remotely since this all started and have drastically limited our interactions with others to be safe. In August, she gave me a camera for my birthday. Having a really good digital camera was on my bucket list, but just something I would not have bought for myself.

A red-tailed hawk captured by Melissa Warlick at the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area in Davis, California.

What keeps you sane: We have turned our backyard into a bird sanctuary with eight different bird feeders, a birdbath and multiple flowering plants. We spend our evenings (and often lunchtime too) watching for new birds to photograph. We also spend our weekends visiting new areas to photograph wildlife, birds, landscapes and sunrises/sunsets. This new pastime has kept us COVID-safe and provided us with much-needed sanity.

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  1. GInny October 27, 2020 Reply

    I love this! We’ve installed 2 hummingbird feeders and we (and the cats) enjoy watching them.

    I’d love to see more of your pictures, Melissa!


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