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Jeane Oribello

My new (ab)normal: Jeane Oribello, painter and Schitt’s Creek fan

Jeane has been using her time at home to flex her DIY skills through house-beautification projects.

My new (ab)normal: Raphaelle Steinzig, baker

During quarantine, Raphaelle has learned to bake and has discovered an affinity for miniature meringue mushrooms.

My new (ab)normal: Melissa Warlick, photographer and birder

A long-aspiring photographer, Melissa has used her time quarantining at home to hone her skills and provide a refuge for local wildlife.

My new (ab)normal: Allison Hill, fitness enthusiast

While quarantining at home, Allison has taken her workout goals to the next level. In addition to taking a record number of fitness classes, she hiked Glacier National Park in Montana.

Ginny Delaney

My new (ab)normal: Ginny Delaney, woodworker

While quarantining at home, Ginny has developed affinities for woodworking, “Lovecraft Country,” Svaha leggings and her mail carrier.

My new (ab)normal: Meredith Turner, bread baker extraordinaire

While quarantining at home, Meredith has embraced sourdough bread-baking, house dresses and “The Home Edit.”

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