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My new (ab)normal: Raphaelle Steinzig, baker

Meet Content Strategist Raphaelle Steinzig. While quarantining at home, she has become a huge fan of the Great British Bake Off and has perfected her own miniature meringue mushrooms.

Rafaelle’s meringue mushrooms

Raphaelle’s new (ab)normal

Name: Raphaelle Steinzig

Title: Content Strategist

Department/Unit: Marketing Communications

Workplace location: Oakland

When you started working at UCOP: June 2020

What you do at UCOP in 10 words or less: I help make UCOP digital products easier to understand and use.

Work-from-home wardrobe staple: When I started in June, I wore actual office clothes for the whole first week. Now it’s leggings and hoodies, with occasional days in pajamas. 

Something new you’ve learned or started during the quarantine: I’ve started baking and am particularly proud of my tiny meringue mushrooms. I’ve also watched every single episode of the Great British Bake Off! These things are not unrelated.

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