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My new (ab)normal: Meredith Turner, bread baker extraordinaire

Meet Associate Director, Advocacy, Meredith Turner. While quarantining at home, she has embraced sourdough bread-baking, house dresses and “The Home Edit.”

Meredith Turner posts with a loaf of her homemade sourdough bread.

Meredith’s new (ab)normal

Name: Meredith Vivian Turner

Title: Associate Director, Advocacy

Department/Unit: UCOP State Governmental Relations

Workplace location: Sacramento

When you started working at UCOP: June 2016

What you do at UCOP in 10 words or less: Build coalitions and spearhead strategic budget and legislative advocacy campaigns.

Something new you’ve learned or started during the quarantine: Sourdough bread! I didn’t have a clue what a “starter” was pre-pandemic. Now I’m in deep, reading sourdough books and baking multiple loaves a week. You could say I’m obsessed.

The best thing you’ve watched/read/listened to lately: “The Home Edit” on Netflix!

Your work from home wardrobe staple: Usually a t-shirt and yoga pants. But I recently learned about the house dress and am fully on board.

How you stay connected with colleagues, family and friends: FaceTime and, when possible, physically-distanced hangouts.

What keeps you sane: Am I sane? Jury’s out. But wine helps.


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  1. Karen Pollack September 22, 2020 Reply

    HI, Meredith…your “ab”normal made me laugh outloud…fab you’re baking bread and the “housedress” has made a resurgence in our home as well…I’ve been channeling my inner “Endora”! HA!

  2. Larissa Branin September 22, 2020 Reply

    Ha! Long-time ‘housedress’ lady, here.

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