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My new (ab)normal: Jeane Oribello, painter and Schitt’s Creek fan

Jeane Oribello practices her painting skills on a new accent wall.

Meet Senior Legal Operations Analyst Jeane Oribello. She has been using her time at home to flex her DIY skills through house-beautification projects, catch up on her favorite show and step up her grocery-shopping game.

Jeane’s new (ab)normal

Name: Jeane Oribello

Title: Senior Legal Operations Analyst

Department/Unit: UC Legal

Typical workplace location: Oakland

When you started working at UCOP: I’ve been with UCOP since 2010, barring a two-year stint at UC Berkeley.

What you do at UCOP in 10 words or less: Provide operations support to UC attorneys

Something new you’ve learned or started during the quarantine: I’ve learned that I get very excited about painting accent walls, and also that I am just terrible at painting accent walls! I’ve watched the YouTube videos, I’ve gotten all the tools and follow all the rules but the end result tends to be… a bit more artistic than I’d like.**

The best thing you’ve watched/read/listened to lately: I recently re-watched all six seasons of “Schitt’s Creek” — it never fails to make me laugh. I also read a book about Millennial burnout called “Can’t Even” which is the perfect title for that topic!

Your work from home wardrobe staple: We’ve been working at home long enough that I’ve gotten bored of the T-shirt and leggings combo, and am now wearing nice jeans and blouses during the day. I never thought I’d feel this way, but I really miss getting dressed up. I’ve taken to dressing to the nines for the weekly Trader Joe’s trip.

What keeps you sane: Long bike rides, smooching the dog, practicing gratitude, sampling my wife’s freshly-baked bread and deciding which wall to paint next.

**artistic = “can’t paint in a straight line”

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