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An update on returning to the office and working remotely

As we look toward the future, UCOP is considering how our workforce needs have changed and is taking this opportunity to better align our workforce and culture with our values and modernize the way we work. There is much to consider as we think about our future work arrangements. We wanted to share an update on the Future of Work (FOW) initiative.

Our guiding principles

We acknowledge that some of our community may find it hard to imagine returning to on-site work later in the year. We ask that staff remain patient as we work out the many details before future work arrangements are determined and can be shared.

We want to reassure you that:

  • UCOP is taking a phased and thoughtful approach to considering hybrid and remote work options, as this is a significant culture and operational shift for our organization.
  • You will receive at least 30 days’ advanced notice to prepare for your return to working on-site and/or prepare for your future work arrangement if approved.
  • The return to on-site operations timing and approach may vary by location, due to ongoing renovations in Oakland.
  • Any plan to bring back staff will be contingent on the lifting of public health restrictions and assume that schools and dependent care are widely available.
  • We will keep you informed of our progress and next steps.

What’s happening now

The FOW team is identifying short- and long-term recommendations for leadership. There are three workstreams that include subject matter experts and leaders from across the organization:

  • Culture and Community – Reviews recommendations through the equity, inclusion and culture lenses to foster a workplace environment that enhances employees’ experience based on the organizational need and where employees feel respected, appreciated and valued
  • HR Guidelines and Practices – Ensures UCOP Human Resources guidelines and practices align with Systemwide guidelines and support UCOP’s Future of Work
  • Space Planning and Technology – Ensures the workplace meets the needs of UCOP’s Future of Work program design and addresses unique technology needs and support for employees located on-site or off-site

High-level recommendations for FOW arrangements have been shared with executive leadership. Detailed recommendations for facilities usage, HR and telecommuting guidelines, and equipment standards are in progress and will be reviewed by executive leadership for their final approval.

Thanks for your input; additional opportunities are ahead

Thank you to those who participated in the Future of Work staff survey. We had a tremendous 66% response rate with representation across all levels and divisions in the organization. Survey data has been compiled and is being used by workstream leads to help inform future of work recommendations. Some of the preliminary themes include:

  • Productivity in the last year has remained strong
  • The majority of staff prefer some form of hybrid work arrangement, with only some preferring fully remote or full-time on-site work
  • There is a desire for flexible work arrangements
  • Telecommuting has benefitted many employees with greater work/life balance, more time in the workday, cost savings from not commuting
  • Staff are feeling a lack of social connection to each other

The FOW team is planning Zoom information and Q&A sessions to share the outcomes of the UCOP FOW initiative and answer questions. Information about these sessions and timing will be shared in the coming weeks.

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