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Update on our UCOP Future of Work program

EVP/COO Nava shares decisions the President’s Advisory Group has made about the next phase of our future of work program.

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Support for hybrid and remote work

Even if you're used to telecommuting, upcoming professional development opportunities can improve your experience, outlook and well-being.

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4 ways to promote work-life balance at home

As you consider your New Year’s resolutions, keep work-life balance near the top of your list.

UCOP Oakland building

An update on UCOP’s planned timeframe and approach for returning on-site

UCOP's Future of Work process is moving forward with a modified approach that takes into account several important factors related to employee and business needs.

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Here’s how UCOP teams are connecting

Here's how your UCOP colleagues have been staying in touch while many of us are working remotely.

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Boost your remote and hybrid meeting skills with new workshops

You may be used to hosting meetings in the virtual world, but are the experiences and outcomes ideal? These courses can make a difference.

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Boost your remote- and hybrid-work skills

UCOP Learning and Development has curated several LinkedIn Learning collections to help you make the most of remote and hybrid work.

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Build your hybrid workplace skills with these opportunities

UCOP Learning and Development offers many resources to help you succeed in a hybrid work environment.

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An update on returning to the office and working remotely

Find out what UCOP is doing to determine how we’ll work in the future.

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Go beyond the basics with new advanced Zoom training

If you’ve been using Zoom for some time, you may have the basics down pat. But could you be doing more with Zoom? Find out during this upcoming workshop.