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The final UCOP Out-Of-State Work Policy and FAQs are available

The following message was sent to all UCOP employees on June 15, 2023.

Please note that no action is required at this time for existing out-of-state employees.  Managers of out-of-state employees will receive instructions from UCOP HR on next steps.

Dear UCOP Colleagues:

As we announced last month, in response to a request from several UC Regents, UCOP is implementing a new local policy regarding out-of-state work. Thank you to those of you who submitted comments on the new policy. We appreciate your feedback.

The policy has been finalized and is available here (PDF). Also available are answers to frequently asked questions (Box log in required) about the policy and its implications for impacted colleagues.

The policy applies to existing and prospective UCOP staff, and is intended to ensure the number of UCOP staff working outside California is consistent with UC’s mission as a California-based and California-serving institution, and UC’s role as one of the largest employers in the state.

As a reminder, key provisions of the new policy include:

  • Consistent with the university’s mission and commitment to the State of California, UCOP employees with California-based roles are required to reside and work within California, with rare exceptions.
  • All UCOP Senior Management Group (SMG) employees in California-based roles must reside in California, without exception.
  • Exceptions to this policy will be rare and limited, and must be approved by the president in consultation with the Executive Workforce Actions Committee (EWAC).
  • The final policy is effective immediately and will supersede previous UCOP practices, agreements and communications regarding out-of-state work.
  • Existing out-of-state work agreements, as well as recruitments in progress, will be carefully reviewed subject to narrow and defined criteria.
  • In consideration of all that’s involved in relocating one’s residence, out-of-state employees required to work in California will be allowed a reasonable amount of time to relocate.
  • This policy currently applies only to UCOP locations. Policies regarding out-of-state work for campus, laboratory and medical center personnel are being discussed separately.

We recognize that the implementation of this policy is a matter of concern for many employees, and we are working to support impacted colleagues with understanding and compassion. Additional questions and comments about the new policy may be sent to

Rachael Nava
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Nancy Pluzdrak
Executive Director
UCOP Human Resources

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