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An update on UCOP work arrangement eligibility, review and selection process

Thera Kalmijn, executive director, UCOP Operations sent the following message to all UCOP staff on Monday, Oct. 18, 2021:

Dear colleagues,

I hope you’re doing well and enjoying the fall season.

I am writing to update you on our Future of Work (FOW) program, including how the process for determining future work arrangements will work. While the timing of UCOP’s resumption of on-site operations was extended to January 2022, there is much to do to prepare for our return. I know many of you have been eager to know how decisions will be made about work arrangements, and when you’ll be notified. We are aiming to share work arrangement decisions by mid-December so everyone can plan accordingly.

As we announced in July, our FOW plan includes several different potential work arrangements: on-site, hybrid and remote. Determining eligible work arrangement options for each position will balance the needs of our organization, each division/department, and the individual. Employees will work with managers to determine their work arrangements.

Last week, we launched the position eligibility, review and employee preference selection process, which will determine work arrangement options by position, gather employee preferences, and look at equity across UCOP. Below is an overview of this process.

Step 1a – Position eligibility assessment (Timeline: Oct. 15 – Nov. 5)

Managers, chiefs of staff and division leaders will assess positions and identify if each position is eligible for an on-site, hybrid and/or remote work arrangement. These assessments will consider the position’s core functions and tasks, how work is done within the team, division-specific needs and how an employee’s work location may impact the team and UCOP generally.

Step 1b – Employee work arrangement discussions with managers and employee preference selection (Timeline: Oct. 15 – Nov. 5)

Managers will meet with employees individually to share eligible work arrangement options and capture employees’ preferences from those available for their position. Preferred work arrangements will be shared with division leadership for review and agreement. (Note that work arrangements will not be finalized until after the HR review and executive leadership approval; see Steps 2 and 3.)

During this discussion, eligible employees who choose a hybrid arrangement will work with their manager to determine a preliminary on-site weekly schedule, including days of the week. These schedules can be adjusted in the future; their purpose is to help the FOW team forecast peak on-site workdays and related demands for on-site workspaces and other services.

Materials for Steps 1a and 1b have been provided to division leaders and chiefs of staff, and each division will cascade the materials to leaders, managers and supervisors.

Step 2 – UCOP-wide HR review (Timeline: Nov.)

Once all divisions have submitted their information, UCOP HR will review all position eligibility assessments for overall consistency and equity across UCOP and similar units/roles, taking into account differences in operational needs. HR will discuss any identified differences with the division leaders and chiefs of staff, and division leaders will approve overall work arrangements for their divisions.

Step 3 – Employee work arrangement finalization (Timeline: Est. Mid-Dec.)

Employees will be notified of their approved work arrangements. Once UCOP’s return to on-site operations timing is finalized, employees working in a hybrid or remote capacity will complete telecommuting agreements. Managers and supervisors will work with employees to support them during the transition and allow notice of at least 30 days to prepare and make arrangements for family care or other personal matters.


Please visit the FOW website for more information about the FOW timeline and work arrangement options, answers to frequently asked questions, remote working courses and other resources. Please bookmark and check the site periodically for updates as we continue the FOW efforts.

Adjusting to a new way of working while we will continue to meet the needs of the organization, stay connected, and support the well-being and engagement of UCOP staff, will be a learning process for us all. Thank you in advance for your patience, flexibility and partnership. If you have questions, please email

As always, thank you for your dedication to the university and the people we serve.

Be well,
Thera Kalmijn
Executive Director, UCOP Operations

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