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UCOP launches data loss prevention project

With cyber threats on the rise, Information Technology Services (ITS) is strengthening UCOP’s data security measures.

Institutional information is one of UCOP’s most important and valuable assets. Preventing its exposure, theft or loss is critical to protecting employees’ privacy and personal information, as well as reducing the university’s risk. ITS has undertaken several initiatives to ensure the security of that information. One such initiative is the deployment of Forcepoint, data loss prevention software, to strengthen the protection of sensitive information.

How it works

Forcepoint will scan workstations, laptops and email for improper or insecure usage or transmission of files containing 10 or more Social Security numbers combined with names. If an improper transmission is attempted, Forcepoint will send an alert to ITS staff, who will then contact the respective UCOP staff member(s) with information about secure file transfer.

Because Forcepoint operates in the background, you should not notice a difference in your computers’ performance. Mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablets, and employee-owned computers will not be monitored.

Forcepoint will be rolled out to all UCOP workstations and laptops in phases beginning tomorrow, Oct. 20.

If you have questions about Forcepoint, please read the FAQ. Should you have further questions, contact

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