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UCOP introduces targeted resources to support new hires and their teams

As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression! Getting new employees off to a good start can make a big difference in making them feel welcomed and setting them up for success on the job. That’s why UCOP Human Resources is updating our onboarding process to better support new employees, while giving colleagues a meaningful way to participate in the process.  

What is onboarding? 

We define onboarding as a set of programs, activities and resources that help integrate new hires into UCOP and support them in understanding and performing in their new role. This includes taking care of physical workspace and equipment needs, providing information about benefits, introducing team members and peers, and formal programs like New Employee Orientation. 

Why is onboarding important? 

Research shows that new hires take an average of 30 days to determine whether they feel welcome and eight months to reach productivity; nearly one-third look for a new job within their first six months. A solid and welcoming onboarding process promotes employee satisfaction and retention while bridging the gap between the candidate and employee experiences. Providing the right resources, communication and sense of camaraderie is essential for helping new colleagues succeed. 

New resource: Manager’s Checklists for Successful Onboarding

To help hiring managers better understand their responsibilities in the onboarding process, the Manager’s Checklists for Successful Onboarding define all steps that should be taken, from an employee’s date of hire through the first 90 days. The checklists are provided in three versions for on-site onboarding (PDF), remote onboarding (PDF) and UCPath Center onboarding (PDF) . 

New resource: Onboarding Buddies

Starting on February 22, 2022 hiring managers will pair all new employees with an onboarding Buddy — a colleague who will devote one to three months integrating the new teammate within their department and the UCOP community. Please speak with your manager if you would like to participate as a Buddy for any upcoming new hires. Check out the guidelines for on-site Buddies (PDF) and remote Buddies (PDF). 

Remember: While it starts with the hiring manager, successfully onboarding a new employee requires everyone on the team to take part. Whether or not you participate as a Buddy, please help new employees by welcoming them, providing introductions, clarifying operational procedures and sharing the culture of UCOP.  

For more information on the Onboarding and Welcome process, reach out to your HR Business Partner or check out the Onboarding and Welcome webpage. 

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