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UCOP has relaxed COVID-19 protocols as of May 2

The following is adapted from a message sent to all UCOP staff by Thera Kalmijn, executive director, UCOP Operations, on Wednesday, April 27, 2022:

Dear UCOP colleagues,

I am writing with an update on UCOP’s COVID-19 protocols.

Given that the counties in which we operate are now in the “low” community transmission category, the fact that UCOP has a highly vaccinated employee population, and that our testing program identifies cases before people come on-site, we will now begin to relax some of our on-site COVID-19 protocols.

Updated COVID-19 protocols

Consistent with CDC guidance, effective Monday, May 2, our COVID-19 protocols for all UCOP locations will be as follows:

Face coverings: Face coverings will no longer be required, but are strongly recommended for vaccinated and unvaccinated staff in all areas of UCOP facilities, and will continue to be available at all locations. If you would like face coverings to be worn when people come to your personal workspace, you may post this standard face-covering request poster at the entrance to your space. Also, it’s important to remember that “one-way” masking using an N95 or KN95 mask provides protection for the wearer, even when others are not wearing masks.

Physical distancing: We have eliminated the requirement for physical distancing, and we now allow:

  • Full capacity in all common spaces, including elevators (Face coverings are available by the elevator doors to encourage use while in the elevators.). You can help reduce overcrowding in the elevators by:
         * Taking the stairs for short trips between floors
         * Avoiding peak arrival and departure times when elevators are crowded
         * Allowing time in your schedule to take the next elevator if you prefer
  • Full capacity in all conference rooms
  • Use of adjacent workstations for assignment and hoteling (For now, workplace assignments will remain spread out wherever practical, but demand for new spaces will in some cases require us to return to full occupancy levels.)

COVID-19 Testing: Employees, contractors, vendors, and visitors who enter UCOP facilities will continue to test as part of our COVID-19 Testing Program. There are no changes to our current testing program.

Enhanced communal space air filtration: To supplement our high-filtration HVAC systems in UCOP-owned and operated buildings, we are, to the greatest extent possible, adding portable HEPA filters to conference rooms that hold five or more people.

Additional reminders

Please remember to:

  • Be in compliance with the COVID-19 Vaccination policy, including boosters and tracking (See the UCOP COVID-19 Vaccination Policy and Tracking webpage)
  • Complete UCOP Screen or UCDC Screen each day before entering the workplace
  • Use UCOP-provided cleaning supplies to wipe down surfaces, touchpoints and equipment in personal workspaces and common areas before and after use
  • Follow UCOP protocols if you test positive for COVID-19 or are notified that you have been in close contact with someone who has a confirmed COVID-19 infection (See the UCOP Exposure Management webpage for what to do for exposure and positive cases)

Although we are glad to be at a point where we can begin to relax our protocols, everyone’s health and well-being remains our highest priority. Should UCOP case numbers rise or local community transmission move into a higher category, we will reassess and adjust our protocols if necessary.

If you have questions, please email

As always, thank you for your ongoing flexibility and partnership, and please continue to take care of yourself.

Thera Kalmijn
Executive Director, UCOP Operations

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