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June 7 is Election Day: Make your vote count!

Tuesday, June 7, is Election Day in California!

Along with races for U.S. Senate, House and governor, voters will be deciding on races for local offices such as sheriff, city manager, county supervisor and more. Local races are often decided by a handful of voters, so your ballot matters a lot! Find your polling place, the nearest ballot drop box and more at the UC Votes website.

Important things to know about voting

  • You can vote for any candidate regardless of your party affiliation. California has an open primary, which means that voters from any party can vote for any candidate.
  • The top two vote-getters compete in November. California has a unique system known as a top-two primary: the two candidates for each office who get the most votes — even if they are from the same party  — proceed to the general election.
  • If you’re voting by mail, the deadline is June 7. Drop your ballot in the mail (no postage required), put it in an official ballot drop box or bring it to any polling place.
  • If you’re voting in person, polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Find your polling place here.
  • Forgot to register? You can still vote! Simply show up at a designated polling site on Election Day and fill out a same-day voter registration form. You’ll be able to cast a provisional ballot. It will count the same as any other once officials have confirmed your eligibility to vote.

Already voted? Track your ballot here.

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