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Election Day

Vote on Election Day, November 8. The polls are open from 7 am to 8 pm. Polling locations may change, so double-check before you go. Find your polling place. Vote conditionally if need be. If you missed the

Cast your vote on Nov. 8

Tuesday, Nov. 8, is the day: Go vote!

Tuesday, Nov. 8, is Election Day in the U.S. and if you haven't yet cast your ballot for the midterm elections, make a plan to do so today! Share your experience on social by tagging #UCVotes.

What Now? What next? The 2022 Midterms and the Future of Democracy

UCOP’s Office of Graduate and Undergraduate Equity Affairs has partnered with the Future of Democracy Initiative (part of the UC Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation), the School of Global Policy and Strategy and

(From left to right) Sarah Shane-Vasquez, Greg Ortiz, Hailey James and Heather Arroyo

Meet the UC staff who are getting out the vote

Staff throughout the UC system share why voting is important to them and how they’re helping to get out the vote.

GUEA explores what to expect with the 2022 elections

Join UC researchers in exploring how political, economic and legal dynamics have set the stage for this year's national election.

How UC students are unlocking the voting power of California youth

UC Freedom Summer includes more than 100 students from all nine undergraduate campuses, as well as some community colleges, encouraging civic participation in communities across California.

Cast your vote on Nov. 8

Make your voice heard this November

The 2022 midterm elections are fast approaching. Learn how to register and make a plan to vote!

Women holding an

Gerrymandering affects outcomes in swing states

Political parties are using gerrymandering to counteract shifting voter preferences in key battleground states.

UC joins forces with the California Secretary of State to facilitate student voting

The resolution affirms UC’s longstanding partnership with the Secretary of State’s office to increase voter participation by eligible university students, faculty, staff and surrounding UC campus community members.

Use your voice: UC Votes

June 7 is Election Day: Make your vote count!

Local races are often decided by a handful of voters, so your ballot matters a lot! Learn how to find your polling place, the nearest ballot drop box and more at the UC Votes website.