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The unstoppable Class of 2022

Navigating college during a global pandemic has done nothing to dampen the tenacity and ambition of UC’s undauntable new grads. Now they’re ready to put their brilliance to work in ways that will make the world better for all of us.

For some, their diploma marks the culmination of a journey that started years earlier, with parents who crossed borders in the hopes of providing their children a better life. For others, it is proof of the power of determination to triumph over adversity, the evidence that it is never too late to get a college education and aim for a fresh start.

One thing these grads have in common: A federal Pell Grant helped put college in reach. As the Pell Grant marks its 50th anniversary this month, more than 28,000 of UC’s newest college graduates are proof positive that Pell Grants change lives.

Read their stories at the UC Newsroom

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