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Protect your data when you leave UC

UCOP staff play an important role in protecting our institutional data and the personal information of our colleagues, staff, students and others by following established cybersecurity protocols. Whether you are transitioning between positions at UC, retiring, or otherwise leaving UC, your exit process requires safeguarding UC data.

Remember these simple Dos and Don’ts as you prepare for your exit:

  • Do back up critical files to a secure location — Box or OnBase is recommended — and remember to give your supervisor or backup staff access.
  • Do download any personal files to a personal hard drive or flash drive (or delete them). Check carefully to ensure you don’t take any UC data with you.
  • Don’t download UC data to any personal devices. This data belongs to UC and needs to be stored securely. Our Data Loss Prevention tool scans for inappropriate transfers of confidential data and will alert IT Security.

Following these steps will protect your personal information as well as our institutional data.

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